Our eye catching range will be worn by these amazing circus artists!

We are very proud to announce our partnership with world renowned fire performance group Flamewater Circus. Check out photos of the Flamewater Circus team wearing our creations!

Zizzyfay clothing is made from natural fabrics (except for our vegetarian leather!) and is hard wearing and durable. The Flamewater Circus team test our clothes and swear by their durability for fire performance.

Flamewater Circus are based in Sydney, Australia. They have been featured in television and movies, performed at some of the worlds biggest events like the Commonwealth Games, and are internationally recognized for their skills. Flamewater is currently on a world tour with our Zizzyfay clothing, performing and teaching fire skills in Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Famous for their ground-breaking fire eating tricks and phenomenal fire skills. We are ecstatic to have a global fire circus wearing Zizzyfay creations. With Flamewater we will be creating more hard wearing and durable performance costumes.

Check out more of Flamewater Circus on their website: www.FlamewaterCircus.com.au

Flamewater Circus wearing Zizzyfay

Watch these clips of the Flamewater team performing in Zizzyfay costumes!