Product Description

Silk Bodice

Combining magical iridescent raw silk and two-tone cotton in sumptuous color combinations.

This fully lined and adjustable under-bust bodice gently shrinks the waist, creating a funky modernized medieval look.

Wear over any of the Zizzyfay dresses or over a loose fitting top.




The Silk Bodice is from the Unfurled Range.

What kind of fairy are you? What colours and mythical creatures do you feel a connection to?

In Zizzyfay clothing it was important to me to choose colours I believed to be found in the world of fae, the rich colours representing different vibrant energies I wanted to inspire people to brighten their lives with…

When I visualise different members of the fairy kingdom in my minds eye, combined with the knowledge I have gained from researching the energies of colours, these creations are the fruits of those meditations.

Izzy Ivy Zizzyfay Designer

…With this range of clothing I wanted to connect each of us with the fairy realm…to channel other-worldly energies into our lives…to create…inspire…and be truly magical.

Izzy Ivy, Designer