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Kundalini Skirt

Elegant, floor length, ultra wide and fantastic for twirling in. The Kundalini Skirt is created from two colors of silk cotton mix. Feel like a goddess in this magical skirt. Combine with the amulet belt to complete the look and go dance. Inspired by belly dancers and steampunk fashion.


Silk Cotton Mix (60%-40%)
Elastic Waistband

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Kundalini Skirt with Amulet Arm Cuffs


The Kundalini Skirt is from the Dance of the Phoenix Range

This range is inspired by dance… The freedom of movement, passion, fluidity, tranquility in chaos, an active mediation, a grounded incarnation of flight, one of the the oldest forms of ritual… Through dance is where my best designs fall from the heaven and stomp them in to the earth where they can become realities. I wanted to create pieces that emphasise flowing movements, inspiring the desire to dance. Lush natural fabrics in striking colors, flowing sleeves and bigs skirts to light -weight practical pieces with features in just the places that make you want to shimmy..! Incorporating aesthetics from different styles of traditional dance, fusing east and west, with a twist of Zizzyfay’s other-worldliness, …the nearest thing to flying is dancing… see you on the dance floor 😉 x
Izzy Ivy Zizzyfay Designer

…With this range of clothing I wanted to inspire the feelings of exhilaration and freedom. To dance, to create, to adventure, to inspire a vision of beauty in our external world by starting with our inner one…

Izzy Ivy, Designer