Ethically Made Fairy Clothing Inspired by the Fairy Realm

Magical fairy clothing inspired by nature and the fairy realm.
Festival fantasy to alternative gowns, for the elemental within…

Natural fabrics, raw silks, softly textured cotton in rich gem colours, with a dragonfly shimmer. Embellished with quartz crystals, silver bells and pearlecent shells.

Clothing to help you find your wings…

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This range was inspired by Lemuria – an idyllic paradise, with lush forests and an abundance of flowers and fruit trees. An ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis that tied India and Australia together and sank incrementally over time. a place that history has nearly forgotten. Yet it survives in the mythology of Hindus and Australian aborigines, Polynesians and Native Americans…

From researching these lost lands it was said that its inhabits – the Lemurians – where peaceful, sensitive, tribal people, natural healers, musicians and dancers, with a deep connection to mother earth and the divine, their clear 3rd eye allowing them to see beyond what we are currently capable of perceiving, including communicating with the Elementals. They worked with crystals harnessing their power for quite spectacular energy shifts,  for many years excising between the physical and ethereal dimension in harmony with nature and each other.

Just a year ago – I had never heard of Lemuria – yet on discovering it I realized this place and its people deeply resonated with me… through a range of different synchronicities set off by an intense spiritual experience last year where I started painting channeled images, knowledge of this lost land slowly unfolded to me, feeling a real affinity with its wisdom – even explaining my move to Australia in that it is largest area of the surviving Lemurian continent…

I wasn’t intending on creating a new range of fairy clothing for some time but due to a blessing in disguise I found myself in the magic of India once again, designing a new range – meanwhile my nights were filled with dreams of mysterious lands… I woke feeling peaceful and full of ideas, that somehow I should show the world – or at least get something out there which would awaken these energies in those interested in aesthetics of these designs …and so my range unfolded, more effortlessly than I could have imagined, discovering once again the incredible Indian fabrics, and spending time with my amazing tailors who have been enthusiastically creating Zizzyfay for the last 3 years.


Izzy Ivy Zizzyfay Designer

…With this range of fairy clothing I wanted to inspire the feelings of these beautiful Lemurians. To remember, to rekindle the spirit of their lifestyle, an essence of free spirit, to dance, to create, to adventure, to inspire a vision of beauty in our external world by starting with our inner one…

Izzy Ivy, Designer



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