Ethically Made Clothing by Zizzyfay

Because nature is very important to all the creatures on this planet, it is very important to us at Zizzyfay to do what we can in terms of helping preserve it. We believe creating ethically made clothing connects us to the earth and the faeries that inhabit it.

At Zizzyfay we strive to use natural biodegradable fibers. This way when eventually the pieces have had their time, they can go back in to the earth and disappear.

We love the tribal look of leather but the industry that produces it is not up to our ethical standard. Not to mention the fact that it is unfair for an animal to die for our art. To keep our clothing cruelty free we use small amounts of high quality synthetic leather instead. It is important that the clothing imbues a positive energy when you surround yourself with the designs. Ethically made clothing will connect your energy with the earth’s natural energy.

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Synthetic, unbreathable fabrics can hinder energy flow. This is one of the reasons why fae folk often prefer to do their rituals sky-clad (naked), or choose materials which do not hinder this flow such as silk or cotton. Many Zizzyfay items are made of silk – a traditionally magickal fabric which adapts to your body temperature. Silk helps keep you cool when you are hot, and keeps you warm when you are cold. It is also fully biodegradable, and much better for our planet’s environment.

With Zizzyfay clothing we have a great emphasis on natural fabric that are ethically sourced and embellished with natural power totems of quartz crystal, mother of pearl shell, wood and bells. It is important that the garments have a positive energy about them, intended to enhance the energy rather than detract from it.

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Zizzyfay featured in Fae Magazine

Our magickal creations have been featured by our faerie friends at Fae Magazine many times. Check out Fae Magazine here.

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