Love For Local Leafy Ones by Ms Emerald Earthling

Love For Local Leafy Ones by Ms Emerald Earthling (This article is reposted with permission from Emerald's blog. See the original article here.) You have perhaps sat around plastic or tortured trees recently, cheering with awkward reunion smiles, telling yourselves that it’s fine to kindle familial spirit with too many spirits and beers and bad [...]

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Ethically Made Clothing – Cruelty Free Fashion

Ethically Made Clothing by Zizzyfay Because nature is very important to all the creatures on this planet, it is very important to us at Zizzyfay to do what we can in terms of helping preserve it. We believe creating ethically made clothing connects us to the earth and the faeries that inhabit it. At Zizzyfay we [...]

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The Lemurian Range Fairy Clothing

Ethically Made Fairy Clothing Inspired by the Fairy Realm Magical fairy clothing inspired by nature and the fairy realm. Festival fantasy to alternative gowns, for the elemental within... Natural fabrics, raw silks, softly textured cotton in rich gem colours, with a dragonfly shimmer. Embellished with quartz crystals, silver bells and pearlecent shells. Clothing to help you [...]

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Zizzyfay the Official Costume Designer of Flamewater Circus

Our eye catching range will be worn by these amazing circus artists! We are very proud to announce our partnership with world renowned fire performance group Flamewater Circus. Check out photos of the Flamewater Circus team wearing our creations! Zizzyfay clothing is made from natural fabrics (except for our vegetarian leather!) and is hard wearing [...]

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Tribal Belly Dance Clothing

Tribal Belly Dance Clothing Tribal belly dance clothing and art has had a huge influence on our style. Many of our pieces are very popular among tribal fusion performers and belly dancers. Here is a collection of skirts, tops and accessories that have been influenced by the style. There are lots of [...]

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Welcome to our new website!

It is our pleasure to finally present to you our long awaited new website! Hi there, and welcome to the new Zizzfay shop :) It has taken us a long time to get the Zizzyfay line back up and running. It has been a long road to get back but we can happily say that [...]

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