Zizzyfay – Faerie Clothing From Another Realm 2017-05-27T02:32:00+00:00

Faerie clothing from another realm, for walking in the woods and dancing under the stars

Unfurl your imagination…

Inspired by iridescent dragonfly wings and the natural world, the power of colour, the realm of fae and other worldly beings.

Clothing to remind us we all have wings if we wish to unfurl them, following our true path with freedom, love and creativity.

Unique outfits with incredible attention to detail, layers of silks, cottons and natural fibers can be combined in your favorite colours. All ethically made with love, enthusiasm and a passion for wearable art pieces that make you want to dance! ♥

Faerie clothing accessories
Faerie clothing belts
Faerie clothing dresses
Faerie clothing mens wear
Faerie clothing skirts
Faerie clothing tops
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